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Forex 1: Introduction: Are you prepared to trade in the largest market?

In this module you will discover if you have what it takes to succeed in Forex trading. Chances are, once you finish this you will quickly realize your full earning potential.

Forex 2: Trading Fundamentals: Here’s how to better grasp the complexities of Forex trading

You can either feel your way through with little or no guidance, leaving your financial future to chance, or you can read this module and navigate through the jungle with a machete of knowledge, hacking your way through the tall grass with ease.

Forex 3: You can trade Forex just like a pro

Don’t be intimidated! There are thousands of people making money hand over fist in the Forex market, now it’s your turn. In this module you will encounter a wide range of methods and strategies that will help you become a nimble Forex trader, gaining more and more confidence as you go.

Forex 4: Historical Perspectives in Forex Trading

Once you know how Forex came to be, you will have a better grasp of the inner workings, enabling you to start making your own judgment calls, developing keen instincts and gaining an understanding of the motivations behind the profits. A must read for any serious Forex trader.

Forex 5: Inside the Shadow Banking System

Do you know about Currency Forward Derivative Contracts? How about the Trillion Dollar Guesstimate? These and other guarded secrets of the Shadow Banking System will be revealed in this module that has the power to explode your trading profits with more potency than possibly any other module.

Forex 6: Reviews and Comparisons of Top Forex Brokers and Platforms

In this incredible module you not only get a generous overview of the best Forex brokers and platforms, but you also get the latest information on the top software, hardware and banking for the most efficient trades possible. A perfect way to wrap up this amazing bundle.

We’ve scoured all the Forex information available online or offline to compile this robust compendium of strategies, research and expert tips with the ultimate goal of helping you make your next Forex experience the most profitable possible.

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